What to eat?

Over the years I have tried various sorts of diets and food regimes. Not so much for the purpose of losing weight, but rather for leading a healthier lifestyle. I am, at current, and have been for the past 15+ years, a vegetarian. Along the path I have practiced Macrobiotics for a couple of years as well as other flavors of the many vegetarian labels.

As a food-health conscious person, I have been, occasionally, reading the latest opinions and suggestions related to what is good for us and what’s not. Here is the issue: if you listen to scientists, health professionals of various sorts, or just government officials in the health department, each telling you what to eat, you will find yourself ultra-confused. One year bananas are the super fruit: “Bananas help you reach your weight-loss goals, keep your bowels healthy, provide nutrients that regulate heart rhythm and have vitamin compounds for eye health.” (source: http://healthyeating.sfgate.com/health-benefits-one-banana-day-3316.html) but next thing you know Bananas are out of favor, making the list of foods you should avoid. One year milk is good for you; it is so wonderful that for years the ‘Got Milk?’ campaign became synonymous with being healthy. Yet, if you go to websites such as http://www.notmilk.com you will find endless reasons why milk is just about the worst choice one can make. Fat was absolutely bad, no question about it; but now, turns out, there are different shades of fat…
What is one to do?

First, I stopped following much of the health news. Some of the published research is funded by interested parties and thus is highly biased. Next, I use observation and self-study. It took me four decades to discover that although I can tolerate milk in my coffee, when I have it as ice-cream, its murder on my stomach. I love ice-cream, so for years I lived in denial… Which brings me to point number three: be honest – we mostly learn quite fast what works for us and what not. But we are not always willing to listen to our own bodies.

My bottom line is to employee common-sense. The rest is trial and error, keeping in mind that I change; day to day, year to year, and thus should my diet.

Learned from: reflections on the latest in health news and fad diets


About Ronen

Ronen Divon had been walking spiritual and holistic paths for well over thirty years. Born in Israel, educated in New York, and currently residing in North Carolina, Ronen had traveled the world, spending time with teachers, masters, healers and guides. With wisdom that spans multiple traditions, including the Far East, India, Israel, Brazil, Peru, and Native America, Ronen remains a student, learning and adding modalities that will best serve his clients, each according to their own unique needs. Ronen is also a published author, a Yoga, Meditation, and Tai Chi instructor.
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1 Response to What to eat?

  1. roberta4949 says:

    that plate of food looks deliscious (how do you spell this word?) I take a lot of what so called “experts” say about anything with a grain of salt, as yes they have bias, but they also put to much credit to studies without really having done a through job or a very good study they get in a hurry to get it done to get paid so they can say breakthrough this just in, drama, get their name in some journal or paper or on the television or whatever. if you read my blog there is a post about what I think of so called experts, especially the dishonest ones, I really appreciate those who are experienced in a topic who are honest and really do try to convey accurate information, unfortunantly this is not the case with many who seek prominence, money attention or a post at a corp or gov dept or to sell their products. then I am left with a question mark.

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