The obedient Universe

Occasionally, I would run into a friend, or, more likely, an acquaintance, who, upon chatting about future plans, will say something along the lines of, “the Universe shall provide.”
“Hmm…” I would ponder, (though rarely express it aloud,) “the cost of a return flight to India, plus travel expenses for 6 months, may seem like peanuts to you, but for Mr. Universe, it may be a tall order…”

It occurred to me that these progressive-liberal-spiritual seekers of today, those who might have possibly gone even beyond the New Age crowd, are ultimately not much different than the traditional-conventional-Orthodox Judeo-Christian-Muslims who says, “God willing…” (or “Be-ez-rat Ha-shem”, or Insha’Allah.) At least this one belief they all seem to share.

Worst are those who expect the Universe to “provide,” while, in fact, assume you to play that role:
“So,” (that would be me answering the phone, with an old acquaintance from a previous life, who haven’t been in touch for years, on the other side of the line,) “you are coming to New York tomorrow, great!” (that’s still me talking) “It’s been a long time. Where will you be staying? Oh, I see, yes, the Universe shall provide. Right. I forgot about this wonderful life philosophy. Wait, I am not sure if I heard you quite well; did you just asked if you can stay at my place for a couple of months? Wait a minute, let me consult with my Mr. Universe calendar and get back to you. What? I can’t hear you; the line is breaking up!” Ooops, he is gone. I guess the Universe decided to hang up…

This notion too, of divine intervention, I find not much different than those other folks I mentioned earlier; the ones with God willing. “God willing, we will be granted this piece of holy land. But while waiting for God to devise a way for us to receive it, let’s bomb the hell out of the people who currently reside there.”

And thus this thread of thought leads me to end with a biblical quote, Ecclesiastes 1:9: “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”

Learned from: something some New Age person said on Facebook.


About Ronen

Ronen Divon had been walking spiritual and holistic paths for well over thirty years. Born in Israel, educated in New York, and currently residing in North Carolina, Ronen had traveled the world, spending time with teachers, masters, healers and guides. With wisdom that spans multiple traditions, including the Far East, India, Israel, Brazil, Peru, and Native America, Ronen remains a student, learning and adding modalities that will best serve his clients, each according to their own unique needs. Ronen is also a published author, a Yoga, Meditation, and Tai Chi instructor.
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