Energy expresses itself in a multitude of ways. In fact, the same person may sense it differently at various times of the day, the month or the year. That expression may further change throughout the various stages of our life-cycle. Diverse people perceive energy according to their particular physiological, mental and spiritual juxtaposition. Some may feel it as a sensation of tingling, others as polarity, pulsing, heat, and even visually – as auras.

Sitting to meditate earlier this morning, the energy expression that arose in me, was of multitude tiny bubbles. It was first felt within my palms, spreading along the length of my arms. Soon after, my entire body was tingling. The closest way of describing it is like being inside a carbonated drink; becoming myself sparkling water. Borders separating the particles composing my own body, and what surrounds it — my clothes, shoes, air touching my skin, all faded away. I became aware of my thinking mind. That too, I sensed, was made of those micro bubbles; unreal as an independent entity, yet continuing to endlessly babble about the experience of the moment.

All these energy expressions aside, a presence remained firm inside my body; solid yet not in a physical form (such as something one can touch.) Rather, that presence seemed to be the center for the bubbling material that was my physical existence. That presence felt like it is beyond past and future, untangled by happiness and sadness, joy and pain; a presence some may refer to as a soul.

While the sparkling matter that is my brain continued to offer interpretations, observations, and attempts at putting the experience into the limited form of words, I ignored it. An insight came to pass. I realized that this presence does not need to stay within the constraints of my body; that it is free to travel in time and space. That the body is attached to it and not vs, verse; that the body to the presence is like a shadow that cannot depart from its casting object. With that realization everything opened up in a manner mere words cannot contain. The presence, I knew without a doubt, can move anywhere in an instance, unbound by the arms of the clock, unconfined by conventional means of transportation.

And just as I was beginning to experience what that travel meant – lifting off inwardly, the door to the yoga studio opened and people came in. I abruptly collected myself, returning to the physical manifestation of our reality; savoring the taste of an experience I intend to revisit again soon.

Learned from: a meditative journey.


About Ronen

Ronen Divon had been walking spiritual and holistic paths for well over thirty years. Born in Israel, educated in New York, and currently residing in North Carolina, Ronen had traveled the world, spending time with teachers, masters, healers and guides. With wisdom that spans multiple traditions, including the Far East, India, Israel, Brazil, Peru, and Native America, Ronen remains a student, learning and adding modalities that will best serve his clients, each according to their own unique needs. Ronen is also a published author, a Yoga, Meditation, and Tai Chi instructor.
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