Good for the ego

I recently attended a yoga class given at another city, by an instructor I never met before. While the class was pleasant, it quickly became apparent to me that I was, by far, more seasoned than that instructor. Not that there was anything wrong with the manner with which she instructed; on the contrary, her heart was no doubt in it, but there were small indications that gave it away.

I admit that I am almost as eager to encounter such opportunities — of taking classes with such instructors, as I am of partaking yoga with more experienced instructors, ones I am likely to learn some new insight from. Why? Because it’s a chance for me to work on my ego; that inner small, or not always that small, voice, that rushes to judge others, while, at thee same time, compliment the self. I realized some time ago that I cannot shut that voice off simply by the power of my will; after all, who knows me better than my ego? But I can observe. It is thus, a form of meditation. I practice this with an inner smile; watching the ego at work. It is actually quite entertaining; like watching a young child (or, for that matter, a politician,) boasting and bragging. I found that as I practice this sort of observation time and again, the voice becomes a little less loud, and lasts not as longer with each go. And as time goes by, with the inner silence that is eventually created, I am able to learn something new from each and every yoga instructor, from each and every person I meet, in class and out. May my learning journey never end.

Learned from: observing the disappearing small voice of my ego



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