What is really Namaste?

A short story.

A long, long time ago, although maybe not that long, there was a need for humanity to learn new lessons concerning racism, bigotry, and tyranny. Volunteers were sought until a soul at the Astral plane, agreed to come back to this world, and play a major role in teaching those lessons.

That soul embodied a personality named Donald Trump. And thus, while the person of Mr. Trump is acting like an egomaniac, a severely disturbed madman, deep inside of him there is a soul, a sagely spark, that is weeping ceaselessly at the deeds and horrors that the embodied personality performs. Mr. Trump is unaware of it, but his soul is. This is not to justify what Mr. Trump is doing, but I can say Namaste even to him as I admire the divine spark within him, the one that is suffering terribly while playing a predefined role of a villain, so vital for humanity at this time. Without his actions, we would not come to see the work that we, the tribe of this Earth, still need to do. In all honesty, a soul must be very elevated and brave to agree to accept such a role. And therefore, when I say Namaste, I bow deeply to that divinity. It is so easy to Namaste people you admire and think highly of, but Namaste is much more than that. This is the real meaning of Namaste.

Learned from: reflections of what is going on in the USA these days.


About Ronen

Currently inhabitant of this world, on a journey of discoveries.
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