What cats do

When my cat spots a bug on the wall, she can sit for eternity and a day, staring at it intently, waiting for the insect to make a move so she can play the hunter. She is so focused, it seems nothing can distract her (except for, maybe, the food bowl.)

Yet, at any given time, and for no apparent reason, she may also lose interest . When that happens, she may lick her paw and go take a nap; that bug on the wall all but forgotten. When cats let go, they truly let go…

Some days I wish I had more of that capacity — to be able to pay absolute and undivided attention; not to mention that wonderful ability to instantly and completely letting go.

Learned from: observing Tess tracking some bug or other on the wall



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One Response to What cats do

  1. noa says:

    I love your metaphor around focus and letting go with cats, pondering here, what and how it looks for me. Thanks!

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