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Lessons Learned from Coming Back to Playing My Guitar

I love music; both listening and playing. I started playing guitar in my teens, but was not persistent, and ended up dropping it over the past twenty plus years. When I decided to go back to playing guitar, I knew … Continue reading

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Abby, Virtually announcement

With 88% funded at the time of this post, my campaign is entering its last two days. Much thanks for all those who backed it to date. The topics covered are of importance for hashtag#youngadults, including hashtag#authenticity, hashtag#MeToo, bridging generation … Continue reading

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It changes things

The year was 1981. I was a high-school senior, still living in Israel, when Zubin Mehta, the famed Indian-born conductor and Music Director for Life for the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, created a controversy. As an encore to a concert he … Continue reading

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Acquiring a taste

Yesterday I participated in a Chinese Tea Ceremony in the tradition of the Ming Dynasty style. This is my fourth or fifth time taking part in such an event. During the ceremony, Tea Master Sifu Ken Lo, brewed for the … Continue reading

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What is perfect – reminisce of a dream

I do not usually remember much of my dreams. But last night I had one, parts of which stayed with me when I awoke. I was visiting with my friend Smadar who is a painter. She was busy with something … Continue reading

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Masturbation Art

It was the end of my second year in film school; studying at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. Myself and my classmates each produced a short 16mm film, which we were proudly screening for the rest of the … Continue reading

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Celebrating Artistic Creativity

When occasionally I find myself wondering whether we have exhausted our artistic creativity, and whether all that is left are a handful of artists engaged in making classical art alongside some so-called artists creating really bad art, I run across … Continue reading

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