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A time-warp called Facebook

Have you ever taken a quick break from work, just to “check what’s up on Facebook;” only to find yourself, a half an hour later, wondering where did time go? I finally discovered the answer! Merriam-Webster defines time-warp as: “a feeling, … Continue reading

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When the phone rings and Murphy’s Law

If you forgot to switch your phone off, Murphy has it that it must ring just when the Yoga class you are attending is in deep in relaxation. Such an incident, taking place during a Yoga class I instructed earlier … Continue reading

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The evolution of social communication and its related etiquette

Once upon a time, or, more precisely, during the Paleolithic Era, sometime between 2 million 10,000 years ago (depending who you’re asking,) our forefathers, also known the Caveman or Cave-dwellers, used to all live in one large, well, cave. Whenever … Continue reading

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That moment of panic when…

…upon entering the highway, you suddenly realize that when you left for a meeting this morning, you forgot your mobile phone at home… Some of the immediate thoughts that follow: What will happen if get into an accident or just … Continue reading

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