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Healer (a poem)

Healer, she said, please take away my grief.I cannot, he replied.It is grief that reminds us of our humanity. Healer, please remove my sadness.I cannot.It is the valleys that give rise to the mountains. Healer, please chase away my fear.I … Continue reading

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Abby, Virtually announcement

With 88% funded at the time of this post, my campaign is entering its last two days. Much thanks for all those who backed it to date. The topics covered are of importance for hashtag#youngadults, including hashtag#authenticity, hashtag#MeToo, bridging generation … Continue reading

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That missing word

Occasionally, I am in need of a specific word to describe something; yet that word evades me. I know that I know it. I can sense it, smell it, taste it at the tip of my tongue. But alas, it … Continue reading

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Never say never

This idiom, never say never, came up in a conversation. Corny, I know, but it made me think a little about what it really means. Here is the definition: “Nothing is impossible, anything can happen, as in ‘Mary said … Continue reading

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Click here to remove your own brain tumor

At a recent social gathering I met a seasoned book publisher. Considering the turmoil the publishing industry went through: the introduction of e-publishing and the countless writers who went that path, it would seem that book publishers should have been … Continue reading

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Be bold

Be bold – if you are going to write fiction that incorporates tidbits from real life, write it as full-blown fantasy peppered with actual facts. So long as you are going to stretch reality, craft believe of the unbelievable. It … Continue reading

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