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The Emotional Bladder

Have you ever held your pee for so long that it hurts? And then went to the restroom, yet the release did not come easy? The muscles have been contracted for so long that they did not give way easily. When peeing finally took place, didn’t it feel good? Continue reading

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Energy expresses itself in a multitude of ways. In fact, the same person may sense it differently at various times of the day, the month or the year. That expression may further change throughout the various stages of our life-cycle. … Continue reading

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Separation and magic

When I was a baby, I stretched out my tiny hand, placed my palm away in front of my baby face, and smiled in wonder. “This hand is mine,” I must have thought, “yet it is out there, not here. … Continue reading

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Fending off excuses

Early Saturday morning I felt like my entire body was revolting against the thought of heading out for my weekly Tai Chi practice. I had no particular reason for not going; just some minor body aches, a result of working … Continue reading

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Our body as a mass of energy

The idea of perceiving the body as a mass of energy versus looking at it as groups of individual muscles. I have stumbled upon this insight during my Yoga practice, realizing it can be a different way of understanding the … Continue reading

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