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That Misguided Email

I could have blamed it on Outlook’s Auto-Complete; or could have faulted my fingers that hit the Send button all too quick; or maybe hold responsible a passing-by employee that distracted my attention. But the truth of the matter is that it was all my doing, or, more precisely, my undoing. Continue reading

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The Blind Spot: When Weakness Means Strength and vs. Verse

Preparing for a business presentation I was giving earlier today, I recognized something that was sort of an insight. I realized that if we wish to succeed in business, we need to acknowledge not only what we are good at, … Continue reading

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Watch your e-mouth

In one of my business roles I am on point to provide administrative customer support for one of my companies. As we deliver great service, rarely do I get complaints. Yet, infrequently, grievances arrive, mostly in the form of an … Continue reading

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