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I understand

On occasion, I would find myself having a discussion with a person whose opinions and perspective are quite different than mine. There are also conversations in which the other party shares with me a challenge they are having. I used … Continue reading

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The Upside of Good Deeds

Is there an individual soul, a grain that is carried through endless time, which is me, each one of us; that is reincarnated time and again, preserving some essence? Or is the breath of life we receive when we are … Continue reading

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The choice to choose

My ears often perk up whenever I utter the words, “I have to…,” or “I had to…” I am working on conditioning myself to avoid those words. Similarly, I’m cautious when I hear others claim, “I have to go to … Continue reading

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It changes things

The year was 1981. I was a high-school senior, still living in Israel, when Zubin Mehta, the famed Indian-born conductor and Music Director for Life for the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, created a controversy. As an encore to a concert he … Continue reading

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