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The Two Friends

I have two friends. Well, I have more than two friends… especially on Facebook, but lets say two friends that I actually know in person for a while. One friend is always positive. When I speak with her, she is … Continue reading

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The choice to choose

My ears often perk up whenever I utter the words, “I have to…,” or “I had to…” I am working on conditioning myself to avoid those words. Similarly, I’m cautious when I hear others claim, “I have to go to … Continue reading

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Validation and Those Emperor’s New Clothes

I was born in Israel. At age twenty five I migrated to the USA and have lived here ever since; more than half my life. Raised Jewish, Judaism remains my ancestral heritage, even if I, myself, after years of experiencing … Continue reading

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How do we know?

First Version: I wasn’t sure if I felt like going to a yoga class this morning. I woke up not feeling that great, and getting out of bed was the last thing on my mind. Still, I dragged myself out, … Continue reading

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What Nature really intended

Occasionally, when the topic of being a vegetarian comes up, I hear a reasoning that we should all eat animal flesh as Nature did not intend us to be vegetarians. A good point. But then I retort by asking, why … Continue reading

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Equality and the animal brain

Feeding my two cats in the morning, I often watch them after the food is served. Tess, the female, hungry as she may be, will step aside and let Ezra, the male, eat first. Not only does she curtails her … Continue reading

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That hefty stack of nightstand books

I have a large pile of books by my bedside. Looking at it earlier today, it occurred to me that there is a rule by which those books have accumulated. It is somewhat similar to the principle by which one … Continue reading

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