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Accepting Autumn

I remember, years ago, loving the colors of the autumn. New York has a true fall, all inclusive, with its wide, rich palette. A decade later my perspective had changed. Those orange, red and brown shades came to symbolize the … Continue reading

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Next year’s winter in New York will last only one week

Prior to winter, one can sense the excitement about that first snowfall. Skiers are concerned for their slopes, kids wish for snow days, and many just pray for a white Christmas. Then it snow, and it snows, and when it’s … Continue reading

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Are people who love ice-cream more optimistic by nature?

I was made privy today to a piece of information: turns out that ice-cream parlors in the winter-cold North-East, make most of their revenues not during the scorching summer days, but actually during some of the early spring days; days … Continue reading

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