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How do we know?

First Version: I wasn’t sure if I felt like going to a yoga class this morning. I woke up not feeling that great, and getting out of bed was the last thing on my mind. Still, I dragged myself out, … Continue reading

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A time-warp called Facebook

Have you ever taken a quick break from work, just to “check what’s up on Facebook;” only to find yourself, a half an hour later, wondering where did time go? I finally discovered the answer! Merriam-Webster defines time-warp as: “a feeling, … Continue reading

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What Nature really intended

Occasionally, when the topic of being a vegetarian comes up, I hear a reasoning that we should all eat animal flesh as Nature did not intend us to be vegetarians. A good point. But then I retort by asking, why … Continue reading

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Wrong turn

Driving on my way to one of my favorite coffee shops, after dropping my kids at a friend’s house, I was navigating to the GPS’ directions. It took me through roads I knew but was uncertain as to the fastest … Continue reading

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