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Vaccination Vs. Medical Freedom: a Solution

The following is an opinion, my opinion. A disclaimer: I am not a medical expert – not certified nor social-media self-proclaimed, just a guy making some observations. As if we didn’t have enough friction going on in this country around … Continue reading

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The terror of breaking free

I have two cats: Tess and Ezra. They are rescued cats from a shelter. When adopting them, several years ago, we were asked to keep them indoors; i.e. in-house cats. I should mention that this is quite common, at least … Continue reading

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No more ground troops

For this Memorial Weekend, I would like to offer a radical view. Warning: some may find this disturbing. But first, a confession. I would have liked to be a pacifist. I really would. But I am also a realist. I … Continue reading

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