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So you made it to the position of the CEO, Doctor, Lawyer, Shaman, Married Spouse, Parent. Now What?

Many of us set a life-goal and then work hard at making it. Then, one day, we are there. Now what? I often meet clients in my healing and wellness practice, who had a dream and were able to fulfill … Continue reading

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The Anger Game

It is a curious game of the mind. A trigger brings about a wave of anger. Afterwards I watch my mind racing; like a player chasing an invisible ball, covering an elusive distance; empty miles on a treadmill. I find … Continue reading

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The dive watch’s inherit potential

Ahead of an up and coming dive trip, I was checking that my dive watch is working; that is, that the battery is not drained. It occurred to me that whether I dive or not, the energy source was slowly … Continue reading

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What have I learn from 2013

Of the many lessons awarded me during this past year, if I had to pick only one, that would be the continued teaching of letting go. I find it much easier to let go of possessions. I made some progress … Continue reading

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Life’s a journey?

Watching Peter Jackson’s second installment to J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, I found myself enjoying the film, yet, at its conclusion, feeling strangely dissatisfied. This is because of the artificial division of Tolkien’s single book, … Continue reading

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