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Vaccination, God and Science

COVIC vaccination, should one take it or not? This seems to be a topic of discussion for quite a few people these days. I am no expert but here are some thoughts. Those who oppose the vaccine, typically recruit either … Continue reading

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What is God?

No one really knows what God is. We have ideas, beliefs, and convictions. But no one can provide solid proof that their experience is the only real one.For me, God is unknown, but its expression is love and compassion, kindness … Continue reading

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I am a (Facebook) God

As with so many other happenings in life, it started slow; inching its way forward without me giving it a second thought. But I am ahead of myself; I need to preface this statement. I go on my Facebook page … Continue reading

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The obedient Universe

Occasionally, I would run into a friend, or, more likely, an acquaintance, who, upon chatting about future plans, will say something along the lines of, “the Universe shall provide.” “Hmm…” I would ponder, (though rarely express it aloud,) “the cost … Continue reading

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The teeth of a caveman

A visit to the dentist this morning prompt the following question in my mind: what can I learn from the condition of a caveman’s teeth? Googling the topic of how well fared our forefathers’ teeth and gum, when it came … Continue reading

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