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I am a (Facebook) God

As with so many other happenings in life, it started slow; inching its way forward without me giving it a second thought. But I am ahead of myself; I need to preface this statement. I go on my Facebook page … Continue reading

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The obedient Universe

Occasionally, I would run into a friend, or, more likely, an acquaintance, who, upon chatting about future plans, will say something along the lines of, “the Universe shall provide.” “Hmm…” I would ponder, (though rarely express it aloud,) “the cost … Continue reading

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The teeth of a caveman

A visit to the dentist this morning prompt the following question in my mind: what can I learn from the condition of a caveman’s teeth? Googling the topic of how well fared our forefathers’ teeth and gum, when it came … Continue reading

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