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Vaccination Vs. Medical Freedom: a Solution

The following is an opinion, my opinion. A disclaimer: I am not a medical expert – not certified nor social-media self-proclaimed, just a guy making some observations. As if we didn’t have enough friction going on in this country around … Continue reading

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The upside of suffering

I do not seek suffering. Absolutely not. No siree. In fact, show me a path of sorrows and I will likely take the other fork in the road. Yet… When I was fifteen, my father prematurely passed away. My older … Continue reading

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Do I really want to eat Hand-Made?

Some items would be considered of higher quality if made by hand. Fine violins and artistic pottery come to mind. But do I really want to consume food that was made by the hands of someone other than a person … Continue reading

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What to eat?

Over the years I have tried various sorts of diets and food regimes. Not so much for the purpose of losing weight, but rather for leading a healthier lifestyle. I am, at current, and have been for the past 15+ … Continue reading

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Lifespan and quality of life

Given a choice, what sort of lifespan, with some caveats, would you prefer? Live a full healthy life until you kick the bucket at 70 y.o., suffering no health issues whatsoever prior. Live to be a 100 y.o. but from … Continue reading

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