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On Relationships and Storms

Few, if any, long-lasting relationships experience no turbulence. Whether the relationship is romantic, friendship, job-related, or political, sooner or later friction is bound to happen. I imagine a relationship as a structure lodged on the ground; a house, a hut, … Continue reading

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The upside of suffering

I do not seek suffering. Absolutely not. No siree. In fact, show me a path of sorrows and I will likely take the other fork in the road. Yet… When I was fifteen, my father prematurely passed away. My older … Continue reading

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Wildfire Recession

It occurred to me that the recent recession, or any recession for that matter, is much like a wildfire in the forest. It is a horrific event, and whether it is caused by human neglect, malice, or natural causes such as … Continue reading

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Masturbation Art

It was the end of my second year in film school; studying at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. Myself and my classmates each produced a short 16mm film, which we were proudly screening for the rest of the … Continue reading

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