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On Relationships and Storms

Few, if any, long-lasting relationships experience no turbulence. Whether the relationship is romantic, friendship, job-related, or political, sooner or later friction is bound to happen. I imagine a relationship as a structure lodged on the ground; a house, a hut, … Continue reading

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My Father’s Passing

Forty years ago today, my father passed away prematurely. If alive, he would have been ninety six. It was his heart that failed after the arteries got blocked. At the time, 1980, while bypass heart surgery was already available, it … Continue reading

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Watching that other hand

At Tai Chi practice this morning I had an insight. We were practicing Push Hands with focus on martial arts applications. At some point I suddenly realized that I get so absorbed fending off the opponent’s pushing hand, that I … Continue reading

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What have I learn from 2013

Of the many lessons awarded me during this past year, if I had to pick only one, that would be the continued teaching of letting go. I find it much easier to let go of possessions. I made some progress … Continue reading

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