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How long will I live?

“How long will I live?” I asked; “would it be for many years to come?” “Why do you wish to live many more years?” I was questioned. “Because,” I answered, “I have so much more to accomplish.” “I see,” came … Continue reading

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Lifespan and quality of life

Given a choice, what sort of lifespan, with some caveats, would you prefer? Live a full healthy life until you kick the bucket at 70 y.o., suffering no health issues whatsoever prior. Live to be a 100 y.o. but from … Continue reading

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Living in a 150 year old body

What if we were to be told today that we can live to be a 150 year old? How would that affect our attitude, mentally, habitually, environmentally and socially? How differently would we treat our own physical body? Most of … Continue reading

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