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Pain cures stupid

I once saw a US Marine wearing a T-shirt that said, “Pain Cures Stupid.” Though I happen to know a few people who are way beyond cure, I concur that this statement works for me; that is, when I act … Continue reading

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Can you smile?

Can you smile for the rest of your life? Or at least for a month? A day? An hour? Can you smile for just one minute? Thirty seconds? Smile even when you don’t feel like it? Smile to your pains, sadness, and … Continue reading

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Your back hurts? Why don’t you try some meditation?

Today’s insight: what you hold locked inside yourself, will ultimately burst out unleashed, one or another. Yes, the mind-body connection is way past corny. This idea has been used and abused by most New Age worshiper as well as by … Continue reading

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