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Why Jesus?

When I speak with a person who had an orthodox Christian upbringing, it is curious  how determined they seem to be that Jesus is the only Savior, and that anyone who would not follow the path they follow, is doomed … Continue reading

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So you made it to the position of the CEO, Doctor, Lawyer, Shaman, Married Spouse, Parent. Now What?

Many of us set a life-goal and then work hard at making it. Then, one day, we are there. Now what? I often meet clients in my healing and wellness practice, who had a dream and were able to fulfill … Continue reading

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The upside of suffering

I do not seek suffering. Absolutely not. No siree. In fact, show me a path of sorrows and I will likely take the other fork in the road. Yet… When I was fifteen, my father prematurely passed away. My older … Continue reading

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Validation and Those Emperor’s New Clothes

I was born in Israel. At age twenty five I migrated to the USA and have lived here ever since; more than half my life. Raised Jewish, Judaism remains my ancestral heritage, even if I, myself, after years of experiencing … Continue reading

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Thinking positive, one word at a time

How do you reckon a person that says, “Oh shit!” all day long, feels at the end of the day? What may be someone’s perspective about life, if they methodically insert the “F” word into every single sentence they mutter? … Continue reading

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About Shanti

Earlier today I had a conversation with one of my daughters, a 14 y.o. teenager, about possibly becoming a vegetarian. The chat led me to speak with her about a path to which I deeply aspire: the path of Shanti. … Continue reading

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Random junctures

At Tai Chi class earlier this evening, I had a new participant–a young guy named Michael. Something in his arrival and his name, took me back twenty somewhat years, to when I was first introduced to this form of martial … Continue reading

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Navigating in the mist

What is one to do when finding himself in the midst of a thick blanket of mist? Move on and possibly get further lost, or stay in one place and wait for the fog to clear? There is no one … Continue reading

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