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Empty Mind?

When teaching ‘Introduction to Meditation’ workshops, I often begin the session with a question: “What do you think of, when you hear the word meditation?” A common answer is “emptying the mind.” Let’s explore this idea. Can the mind really be … Continue reading

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The most challenging asana

Out of the many Yoga postures, there is one particular asana that even the most seasoned instructors dread teaching. In fact, it is so challenging that not too many attempt it at the start of a Yoga class. The posture … Continue reading

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When the phone rings and Murphy’s Law

If you forgot to switch your phone off, Murphy has it that it must ring just when the Yoga class you are attending is in deep in relaxation. Such an incident, taking place during a Yoga class I instructed earlier … Continue reading

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Yoga’s magical broom

About to teach a Yoga class earlier this evening, my mind was distracted. Some minor yet upsetting business-related incident that took place in the afternoon was still bugging me, refusing to be shaken off. Like an annoying tiny pimple, sprouting … Continue reading

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Falling ill or taking a vacation? Hmm…

Ahead of a long awaited vacation, it occurred to me that one reason I am so looking forward for this time off, is because while away, regardless of the location to which I would be traveling, or the activities I … Continue reading

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