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Sleeping in Yin and Yang

It recently occurred to me that sleep is Yin and Yang. Turns out that the ancient Asian symbol also represents the human circadian rhythm; the one that regulates the human sleep-wake cycle of wakefulness during the day and sleep at … Continue reading

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Giving the mind a chance to catch up

I am constantly overloaded, backlogged, catching up. When I can, mid-day, I opt for a short rest; 6 minutes at least, 20 minutes typically, and as much as an hour if I must. I don’t really sleep, not as in … Continue reading

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Five minutes to wakeup

Occasionally, I would wake up about five minutes ahead the alarm clock going off. Staring at the indifferent digits of time, already conscious but not yet ready to give up the idea of sleep, I find myself pondering what to … Continue reading

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That hefty stack of nightstand books

I have a large pile of books by my bedside. Looking at it earlier today, it occurred to me that there is a rule by which those books have accumulated. It is somewhat similar to the principle by which one … Continue reading

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