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What is Patience?

Patience is surrender, to this moment, and the next, and to the one that follows. Patience is the antithesis for measuring time. It is learned from a tree; it is a soul gaining wisdom, through endless life-cycles. Patient is a … Continue reading

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What 5 min meditation taught me

On some mornings I just can’t seem to find time to meditate. And for me, if I don’t meditate early in the morning, I will likely not meditate at all. What does it mean that I cannot find time to … Continue reading

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Slippers and the bigger picture

Rushing out of the house at 6:15am this morning, heading for a business networking meeting, I stepped into my car only to realize I am still wearing my slippers. Though that would have made for an interesting conversation starter, I figured I … Continue reading

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Energy expresses itself in a multitude of ways. In fact, the same person may sense it differently at various times of the day, the month or the year. That expression may further change throughout the various stages of our life-cycle. … Continue reading

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Make up or break up

Whenever I have a quarrel with my wife, (not that this ever happens, but just for the sake of this post,) after the dust settles in, it often takes a long while before I am ready to make up and … Continue reading

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About happiness, wealth and time

Years ago, an old friend, who was a stockbroker, once told me that wealthy people are hardly ever happy with what they have. “How come?” I wondered. We were walking down Sixth Avenue in Manhattan. “Have you noticed that beggar … Continue reading

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About time

As several of my recent posts have been a tad too serious, here is a less solemn one on a nevertheless touchy topic: being on time. It seems like humanity is divided into two main groups; those for whom hours … Continue reading

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A time-warp called Facebook

Have you ever taken a quick break from work, just to “check what’s up on Facebook;” only to find yourself, a half an hour later, wondering where did time go? I finally discovered the answer! Merriam-Webster defines time-warp as: “a feeling, … Continue reading

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Footprints in the mud

Reading a news-beat about a recent discovery of 800,000 year-old footprints, I find it is close to impossible not to be moved by this one way or another. Different writers and bloggers already addressed different aspects of the discovery e.g. NPR, … Continue reading

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Five minutes to wakeup

Occasionally, I would wake up about five minutes ahead the alarm clock going off. Staring at the indifferent digits of time, already conscious but not yet ready to give up the idea of sleep, I find myself pondering what to … Continue reading

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