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A time-warp called Facebook

Have you ever taken a quick break from work, just to “check what’s up on Facebook;” only to find yourself, a half an hour later, wondering where did time go? I finally discovered the answer! Merriam-Webster defines time-warp as: “a feeling, … Continue reading

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Footprints in the mud

Reading a news-beat about a recent discovery of 800,000 year-old footprints, I find it is close to impossible not to be moved by this one way or another. Different writers and bloggers already addressed different aspects of the discovery e.g. NPR, … Continue reading

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Five minutes to wakeup

Occasionally, I would wake up about five minutes ahead the alarm clock going off. Staring at the indifferent digits of time, already conscious but not yet ready to give up the idea of sleep, I find myself pondering what to … Continue reading

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Adjusting to Caribbean time

Time is money. And in no place is it more pronounced than in New York. We wake up before the alarm clock goes off with a feeling that we just gained more time. We hurriedly go through our morning routine, … Continue reading

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